Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Strategic Plan

Hartlepool Sixth Form College is a leading provider of high quality educational opportunities for the community enabling individuals to enjoy and challenge themselves academically, recreationally and socially.

Vision, Mission and Values


In considering the Vision, Mission and Values, Hartlepool Sixth Form College has had due regard to the Charity Commissioners’ guidance on public benefit and particularly its supplementary guidance on the advancement of education.


Empowering students to achieve academic excellence within a supportive and challenging learning community.

Our Values

  • Put the interests of our students first.
  • Act with integrity and honesty.
  • Offer a caring, healthy and safe working environment for all.
  • Use our resources wisely to secure best value for money.
  • Work together for our College community.
  • A determined and rigorous pursuit of academic excellence.

Strategic Priority One

To create a culture of excellence through inspirational teaching, learning and assessment, enabling all students to achieve their best results.


  • Provide all students with outstanding teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Provide robust advice and guidance to ensure that each student is enrolled on the most appropriate course.
  • Stretch, challenge and inspire all students to explore and achieve their full potential.
  • Explore and apply innovative digital technologies to support learning and development.
  • Deliver outstanding staff development programmes that meet the needs of all teachers, and support staff.
  • Ensure the performance management of staff focuses upon the improvement of the outcomes for students.


  1. Develop staff teaching and learning communities to explore new pedagogical techniques, and to share good practice.
  2. Offer a responsive curriculum which meets the needs of students and the local community. Retention 3% above SFC national rates.
  3. The College progression from Year 12 to Year 13 will be >75%.
  4. All courses will have an ALPS grade of 4 or better. Where ALPS is not an available measure, learners will meet and/or exceed their targets.
  5. Success rates for “All Students” will be =/>3% above SFC national rates.
  6. All curriculum areas to embed the use of digital technology into their teaching learning and assessment strategies.
  7. The staff development programme will enable all staff to improve their teaching practise and subject knowledge.

Strategic Priority Two

To ensure that each student is given the best opportunity to achieve their individual career aims and that a culture of high aspiration is embedded throughout the College.


  • Increase the proportion of students progressing to employment, apprenticeships or higher study.
  • Build strong relationships with HE providers and Employers to provide the best opportunities for students including work-related learning.
  • Develop excellent CVs, personal statements and interview techniques which will give students a competitive advantage in securing the best HE places and employment opportunities.
  • The College’s curriculum will be reviewed annually to ensure that it is responsive to the changing local and national employment context and meets student needs
  • Offer students the highest quality progression advice and guidance and encouraged them to aspire to the most competitive progression routes.
  • Ensure that all students have either a Personal Tutor or Student Achievement Tutor, who will regularly monitor and review academic progress.


  1. Upon course completion all students will be encouraged to progress onto a higher qualification or to enter into employment incorporating high quality training.
  2. Each Programme Area will have a meaningful relationship with employers and HE institutions resulting in at least one annual visit, conference or other opportunities for students.
  3. All students will be offered assistance in gaining work experience or voluntary placements.
  4. Each Programme Area will review its curriculum offer annually to ensure its courses maximise employment HE progression and meets the LEP priorities
  5. All students who wish to enter employment directly will receive bespoke assistance with their applications and this will be recorded in their ILPs.
  6. Specialist Student Achievement Tutors will be appointed and trained to provide students with flexible high quality academic/pastoral support. SAT’s will meet with their tutees every half-term as a minimum expectation.

Strategic Priority Three

Ensure financial well-being and stability, effectively utilising available resources to achieve best value.


  • Ensure robust control of expenditure and maintenance of an effective control environment.
  • Encouraging managers to look for savings in their Business Planning for 2015-16 including efficient Curriculum & staff planning.
  • Review of all posts as they become vacant in-year with the view to not replacing and keeping staff costs down.
  • Continue to identify key financial risks and undertake sensitivity analysis and contingency planning.
  • Monitor monthly financial health and progress/position against a range of key financial performance indicators.
  • Ensure the College’s budget is aligned to meet strategic objectives.
  • Increase 16-19 student numbers to 1000 in 2015-16, 1010 in 2016-17, and 1020 in 2017-18.
  • Increase the number of Higher Education students by extending the range of Foundation Degrees and introducing Access to HE courses.


  1. The College will maintain the criteria for “good” financial health. Monthly management accounts include update against agreed KPI’s
  2. All budget holders to return a surplus budget by the end of the next academic year 2015/16
  3. Staff costs to be kept to a maximum of 75% of total income in 2015-16, 71% in 2016-17 and 70% in 2017-18, in line with national SFC rates
  4. Develop new ways of working that utilise the latest technological developments and reduce cost
  5. Embed divisional contribution analyses into regular financial reporting. Course contribution to =/>50%
  6. To maintain the current ratio >1.96%
  7. To maintain cash days in hand >125 days
  8. Increase HE numbers >60 new students
  9. To maintain cash reserves >£1.5m
  10. Maintain a Performance ratio >6%

Strategic Priority Four

Work in collaboration with local and international partners, to achieve excellence, and optimise progression.


  • Review and develop a local and regional marketing strategy to successfully raise the College profile in the community. In particular with our new Higher Education Programmes
  • Further develop our school liaison work to encourage more effective partnership working with our partner secondary schools and where appropriate develop links with new schools.
  • Review the College transport strategy to encourage more students from out of town to attend and stay at the College.
  • Raise the College’s profile with local partner networks, to include schools, employers, Colleges, Universities, LEP and the local authority.
  • Refresh the College unique Sixth Form branding.
  • Further develop our international strategy to consider other countries. For example Ireland, the USA and Canada.
  • Offer a broad range of work experience opportunities including volunteering for all students to access.


  1. Increase our local market share, in an increasingly competitive market over the life of the plan. Hartlepool market share to be >50%.
  2. Introduction of Primary and Secondary College in 2016 and the Raising Aspirations Youth Programme September 2015. Further development of the Year 11 Bridging Programme in 2015.
  3. Increase the number of learners from outside our immediate catchment area to be >40% over the life of the plan.
  4. Increase our Higher Education numbers to 60 across all Fd and Access to HE programmes.
  5. Launch and introduce a refreshed corporate identity by September 2015.
  6. Contract with at least five new regional partners per annum and two new international partners per annum.
  7. Working with local employers ensure that all students are able to access meaningful work experience whilst at College

Strategic Priority Five

Provide outstanding support for students’ personal and academic development and ambition.


  • Ensure the College provides high quality, impartial, accessible and professional IAG for all.
  • Provide timely initial and diagnostic assessment for all young people and adults to enhance learning, promote achievement and secure progression.
  • Ensure that the College has robust transition arrangements to successfully identify the individual support required for all students with additional learning needs who choose to attend the College.
  • Ensure clear target setting with rigorous and regular tracking and monitoring of student progress to support and maximise student success and progression across all cohorts.
  • Ensure that all students have an entitlement to high quality careers guidance.
  • Provide high quality support for all students who intend to apply to university/or for apprenticeships.
  • Continue to enhance the tutorial system to support improved retention and promote high levels of achievement.


  1. Every student will have an interview with a specialist member of the teaching staff. All prospective students will have the opportunity to attend Secondary College and Bridging to help them choose the most appropriate course for their needs.
  2. All students who do not achieve GCSE A*-C grades in English and Maths will complete an initial assessment at enrolment.
  3. The Learning Support Manager will meet with the SENCO in all partner schools where pupils have learning support needs to establish the appropriate levels of support required once at College.
  4. 5 MAP assessments will be used to indicate in year academic progress. Identified students at risk will be closely monitored and reviewed by Student Achievement Tutors and Personal Tutors.
  5. All students will have a careers interview, and the opportunity to join the job club and receive vacancy updates.
  6. All students will receive appropriate support for the intended destinations from specialist tutors.
  7. The tutorial programme will be reviewed in time for the start of the new academic year in September 2015.

Strategic Priority Six

Provide a healthy, safe, accessible and sustainable working environment.


  • Invest in Hartlepool Sixth Form College to provide accommodation which is conducive to sixth form delivery, allows for growing learner numbers and enhances our College’s Excellence of delivery.
  • Maintain best practice in health and safety and sustainability practices in all building works.
  • Refurbish all learning environments and social spaces to a high standard over the period of the plan.
  • Improve access to and modernise IT facilities and equipment.
  • Ensure that reflexivity is embedded in all building works so that environments are adaptable to changing activity levels and curriculum needs.
  • Promote the adoption of healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Provide a healthy, safe, accessible and sustainable environment


  1. Maintain the current investment on premises at 7% of income for the duration of the plan.
  2. Establish a service level agreement with the Borough Council to manage, advise and train College staff on all aspects of Health and Safety and to share good practice.
  3. Continue with the current capital expenditure schedule for the life of the plan to ensure teaching and social spaces are maintained to a high standard >2% of income.
  4. Continue with the cycle of phased replacement of IT hardware at the current levels every 5 years 1% of income.
  5. Continue to invest in digital technologies for the purposes of teaching, learning and assessment 1% of income.
  6. All College staff to have free use of the College fitness studio. Staff encouraged to maintain a healthy work life balance. Retain the option of free private health cover for all staff.
  7. To save 20% in energy costs during the life of the plan through a managed approach to photocopying and energy savings.

Value Statement

In considering the Vision, Mission and Values, Hartlepool Sixth Form College has had due regard to the Charity Commissioners’ guidance on public benefit and particularly its supplementary guidance on the advancement of education.

Hartlepool Sixth Form College contributes to the social, economic, physical and cultural well-being of the community it serves through the delivery of education, training and learning to support the development of individuals, businesses and the community at large.

Hartlepool Sixth Form College aims to add value to the social, economic and physical well-being of our whole community by:

  • Unlocking the potential of individuals by raising ambition and aspiration
  • Providing high quality teaching, learning and assessment
  • Reflecting the needs of our community in the courses we offer for individuals, employers and the community
  • Promoting and building skills of employability
  • Contributing to the local economy as a major employer as well as a provider of education and training
  • Contributing to the regeneration of the sub-region through positive engagement with new and existing partnerships
  • Providing community access to outstanding facilities to support the social, physical and cultural well-being of the community
  • Building and maintaining effective stakeholder relationships

The value added to the local community by the College in delivering its mission can be demonstrated and accessed through:

  • External inspection reports
  • Student success
  • Published accounts
  • Public records of College Corporation meetings
  • College Strategic Plan

The College will review and update its public value statement as part of its regular review of the College Strategic Plan at the Governors annual strategic planning event.