Hartlepool Sixth Form College


AS / A Level Chemistry

Course Content

Chemistry is the study of materials: what they are made from, how they interact with each other and their surroundings. To be successful in chemistry you need to be able to think logically, be creative, numerate and analytical.

Initially students cover the foundations of chemistry, the periodic table, energy and core organic chemistry. In addition to this, the development of practical skills in chemistry is assessed during lesson time where students perform set practical tasks, analyse and evaluate data.

Later in the course students build on their knowledge of the subject by studying physical chemistry and explore the transition elements as well as studying organic chemistry and analytical techniques at a deeper level.


Nearly all students who complete the A-Level Chemistry course go on to enter higher education. Typical degree choices include: chemistry, biochemistry, mechanical and chemical engineering, pharmacy, biomedical and biopharmaceutical sciences, medicine, mathematics, and natural sciences.