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Media Studies

AS / A Level Media

Course Content

Much of our life is dominated by consuming, talking about and using the media. The media industry is one of the largest and most varied industries in the world with a huge diversity of employment opportunities. The media industries employ large numbers of people worldwide and generate significant global profit.

From the internet to television, music to video games, to social media and advertising; our contemporary academic course will help you understand the relevance and importance of the media in our lives today. The course integrates theoretical and practical approaches to the media through a blend of coursework and exam assessment.

Component 1 - Media Products, Industries and Audiences

You will study a range of media forms such as advertising and marketing, film, magazines, music video, newspapers, online media, radio, television and video games.

You will develop knowledge and understanding of key aspects of the theoretical framework - media language and representation – as an essential basis for analysing media products from a variety of forms. In addition, you will study products from specific media industries and for specific audiences to develop their knowledge and understanding of those areas of the theoretical framework. You will also explore how media products relate to their social, cultural, historical, political and economic contexts.

Component 2 - Media Forms and Products in Depth

You will study three media forms in depth, exploring all areas of the theoretical framework - media language, representation, media industries, and audiences - in relation to audio-visual, print and online products. The forms to be studied in depth are: television, magazines, blogs and websites.

Component 3 - Cross-Media Production

For this unit you are required to apply your knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, audiences, media industries and the digitally convergent nature of the media in an individual production for an intended audience. You will create a cross media production following one of two set briefs. These are:

  • Music Advertising and Marketing: Create a cross-media production to include an original music video for a new or local/ unsigned artist or band and related print or online products.
  • Magazines: Create a cross-media production to include a new print magazine and related audiovisual or online products.


Media Studies gives you excellent analytical, technical and group-working skills, all of which are attractive to employers and universities. It is an excellent contribution to arts-based undergraduate programmes. Many students progress to undergraduate courses in media production, journalism, advertising, marketing and the games industry to name a few! Media Studies A-Level gives you the practical skills and academic knowledge to work both study and work in the industry.

BTEC Creative Digital Media Production

Course Content

The course will balance practical skill development together with some units which are theoretical in nature. You will use a range of resources, including digital SLR cameras, HD video cameras, editing software and Mac computer suites.

Examples of units of study include: Film and Video Editing Techniques, Single Camera Techniques and Music Video Production. In practical classes you can expect to learn how to plan, script, direct and produce your own films as well as develop video and print based media editing techniques.

In theoretical classes you will explore preproduction and research techniques as well as gain an understanding of creative media production management and examine the dynamic relationship between media producers and their audiences.


Students who study this course often progress onto university to study courses such as practical film making, broadcast journalism, photography, video and digital imaging, filmmaking, advertising and marketing and many other courses.

Students have found employment in media production in a range of roles such as film making, advertising and marketing.