Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

AS / A Level Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Course Content

The course covers three areas equally. One religion must be studied out of six possible choices: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, covering the beliefs in that religious tradition with regard to the nature of God, the after-life and the role religious authority plays. We then look at how believers in this particular religion might respond to various philosophical questions such as does God exist? Why do people suffer and can miracles happen? Lastly we consider how religion deals with ethical questions such as sexual identity and the value of human life versus animal life, and compare this approach with atheistic theories like Utilitarianism.

We use multimedia including film and TV, and interactive whiteboards. We visit places of religious and cultural interest and have use a range of learning techniques to ensure that everyone can participate, progress and achieve.


This subject is accepted by all British universities as an academic subject and is particularly useful for courses in history, theology and religious studies, English, sociology, psychology, law and teaching. It is an accepted qualification for progression onto primary teaching. Students who have continued their studies in this subject at university (either the philosophy or the religion side) are now working in a wide range of careers including teaching, social work, psychology, law, hotel management, personnel management, the civil service, police and the armed forces.