Hartlepool Sixth Form College


AS / A-Level Politics

Course Content

If you have an interest in how political decisions are reached and who has the power to influence them you will enjoy this course.

The study of politics is an exciting intellectual challenge where students can deploy a variety of skills: debate and discussion, the ability to analyse information to make valid judgements and the ability to develop an effective argument.

As part of the course you will study three key elements of Politics;

British Politics:

“Political Participation” introduces issues such as how voting behaviour is changing in elections and if the voting age should be reduced to 16. You will also study UK government, which is an opportunity to learn about Parliament’s role in the UK political system and discuss whether the Prime Minister is too powerful.

Politics of the USA:

You will study US political parties and elections, incorporating an in-depth study of the most recent Presidential election as well as learning about the significance of the US Constitution. You will also be assessed on your ability to compare the UK and US political systems.

Political Ideas:

You will study three core political ideas that most affect political decision making in Britain. These are conservatism, socialism and liberalism. You will also study one more political idea from a choice of five including nationalism, anarchism and feminism.


Many students who have taken A-Level Government and Politics go on to study politics at university. From there you might become a researcher or join local or national government. If you want to go into journalism or the media, this course is also very useful. Students also go on to become teachers, work in the legal profession or a business environment.