Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Product Design

AS / A-Level Product Design

Course Content

This is an exciting course which is designed to be a creative and though provoking introduction to the world of product design. This qualification is designed to give you the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to succeed in a number of different technology careers.

The course will encourage you to learn and develop new skills and techniques through a range of practical projects and theoretical studies. You will learn to analyse and assess materials and processes together with how to apply them to practical outcomes.

The nature of product design makes it an ideal subject that can be studied successfully along side a wide range of other subjects, such as art, science, music and maths courses. Design and technology brings theory and practice together in an exciting and innovative way.


Many students decide to continue their studies within higher education at degree level. Some students also progress into apprenticeships within a related industry. The majority of product design students will leave to have successful careers in product design, industrial design, automotive/ transport, architecture/civil engineering, interior design, fashion, computer games design and computer aided design to name but a few.