Apply now to Get Ahead

What's Get Ahead all about?

To prepare you for your next step we are giving you the opportunity to get ahead now so you're even more prepared when you start sixth form in September.

‘Get Ahead’ starts on Monday 7th June, giving applicants access to a range of learning activities and resources, from your home, for all of your favourite subjects, to give you a taste of sixth form life!

Our expert staff have set up dedicated pages, including research projects, links to useful resources and essential reading lists to help you complete tasks. You can even get access to tutor support if you need it.

Make the best use of your time between now and September. Apply now, and 'Get Ahead' for September!

Meet your Head of Sixth Form!

Our Head, Mark Hughes, welcomes you all to find out more about 'get ahead' - a summer term of learning to prepare for the step up to sixth form in September.