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Future scientists given insightful lecture from respected academic

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Hartlepool Sixth Form’s students recently benefitted from an inspiring lecture from Astrophysicist, Dr Pete Edwards.

Dr Edwards, Director of Science Outreach at Durham University visited Hartlepool Sixth Form to deliver an inspirational talk to Physics students.

Dr Edwards delivered a fantastic lecture involving cutting-edge physics using gravitational waves which has led to the discovery of over 22 binary black hole events since April of this year.

Astrophysics is a branch of space science that employs the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and other objects in the universe. It has two sibling sciences, astronomy and cosmology, and the lines between them blur.

The A-Level Physics students were given an insight of current physics at the level of new discovery and encouraged to broaden their vision by learning what a Physicist does.

Before delivering his lecture, Dr Edwards presented Physics student Daniel Liddell (pictured) with an award for ‘Outstanding Physics Student of the Year.’

Lisa Hall, Physics tutor, said: “Dr Edwards is a fantastic science communicator who delivers unparalleled enthusiasm about Physics. It was great to welcome him into the Sixth Form to deliver an inspiring talk to our students. A special congratulations also goes to Daniel Liddell who is an excellent student and deserving of such recognition.”