Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Learning Support

Hartlepool Sixth Form College strives to provide the best support to all of its students. Information about Learning Support can be found in the sections below.

Learning Support

The Learning Support team support students with their studies. When students first arrive at the college they complete literacy and numeracy assessments to identify areas that they may need help with. Initial assessments are also completed for each subject to identify if there is any specific subject support required to maximise student success. The team are more than happy to help students and discuss specific individual needs.

The team also provided support to those who have specific learning needs such as dyslexia, autism, hearing impairment or physical disabilities. One to sessions and group sessions are offered to students to help improve literacy and numeracy and provide English support for our international students and students for whom English is their second language. Learning support is also offered to students who may be experiencing difficulty with particular aspects of their studies such as:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Essay and assignment planning
  • Time management and organisation of work
  • Note taking
  • Exam and revision techniques

The Local Offer

As part of the Children and Families Bill, colleges are required to publish information about the services they provide for young people with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. This is called the “local offer”.

The local offer has two main purposes:

  • To provide clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the support and opportunities that are available
  • To make provision more responsive to local needs and aspirations by directly involving young people with SEN, parents and carers and service providers in its development and review.

The indicative Code of Practice states that the local offer should be:

  • Engaging – involving parents and young people
  • Accessible – easy to understand and jargon free
  • Transparent and comprehensive – defining where to go for information, advice and support

If you need further information or guidance please download the documents below or contact Gayle Longmire, Learning Support Manager online or via telephone, on 01429 294444.

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HSFC Learning Support Offer Download
HSFC Learning Support Booklet Download