Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Sixth Form Values

Our strong sixth form values make us who we are. They create an inspiring and supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Embrace the journey to becoming a better you!

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Respectful - what does it mean? We are all equal. We are all humans who live in the same world, do the same things, and make the same mistakes. Treat everyone with respect, accept differences and be kind. We all deserve it!

Authentic - what does it mean? Staying true to yourself and others. It’s super important to develop a good reputation and be honest so that other people will take you seriously. It will make you a happier person!

Innovative - what does it mean? Making the world a better place. Think creatively and find new ways of doing things. Be curious, find answers to questions and learn from your mistakes. Use your imagination and believe in the power of your mind. You deserve the chance to be the best you can be and make a difference!

Ambitious - w hat does it mean? Being positive and having high expectations for yourself. Give life a purpose, take risks, challenge yourself, explore and experiment, and be inspired. Don’t miss out on living life to the full and believe anything is possible!