Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Elite Athlete Support for Schools and Clubs

Hartlepool Sixth Form College has teamed up with local secondary schools to deliver a sports programme that covers all aspects of sports science.

As part of the college’s approach to sport we want to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to work in a sports environment that supports their athletic development and overall understanding of what successful athletes must do. To ensure this happens we have teamed up with local secondary schools to deliver a sports programme that covers all aspects of sports science. Students currently involved in this programme cover areas such as sports psychology, sports nutrition, data analysis and many many more! As part of the programme they also complete a battery of fitness tests that cover the basic demands of athletes. From these tests the students are then given programmes to complete for the next four to six weeks before they are tested again.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work so closely with the Sport and Physical Education Department at Hartlepool Sixth Form College. Having met the staff it is clear that they are a very proactive and innovative department, and working so closely with them in the future can only be beneficial to the pupils at St Michael’s. The workshops that have been planned are specifically designed to meet the needs of our pupils, and will further enhance the broad range of experience they have gained with us at St Michael’s. We have a number of students that go on to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, and with the range of sporting opportunities that they provide, it is easy to see why.

Alistair Raper, Head of Physical Education at St Michaels Catholic Academy, Billingham

This support doesn’t just stop at school level. We also offer a comprehensive sports science programme to local sports clubs. These programmes can include as much or as little support as you feel your club may need. Previously we have worked with Greatham Football Club, Norton and Stockton Football Club, West Rugby Club, Billingham Rugby Club and Borough of Stockton Swimming Scheme. Within these clubs we’ve delivered nutrition talks, carried out sports specific strength and conditioning programmes as well as setting injury prevention schemes up within the club structures.

For any information on what we could offer you please get in touch via phone - 01429 294444 - or by email.

At High Tunstall College of Science, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our most able sports students. The Advanced Performance Programme and our relationship with Hartlepool Sixth Form College has allowed us to do this. The dedication and expertise displayed by the sport staff at HSFC has been motivational towards our APP students and the vast majority of the students are studying sport or will eventually be involved in the academy programmes at HSFC.

The students are taught about the principles of training and many gain a habitual exercise adherence which they will take into their adult lives which is invaluable as they progress into adulthood. In addition, they receive expert guidance on other factors that could impact their sporting lives such as nutrition, psychology and exercise recovery.

Overall, we are fortunate to have such a positive working relationship with HSFC and I look forward to this developing over the coming months.

Ben Holden, Head of Sport at High Tunstall College of Science