Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Recreational Sport

Alongside our academy sports Hartlepool Sixth Form College offers a variety of recreational activities.

Recreational Sport at HSFC

Aside from the performance and academy sports in the college we also offer a huge range of recreational activities to those students that don’t wish to ‘compete’ in sport and would like to join in at their leisure, or sport students wanting to try something new!

All activities are catered around what you as the student want and are informal in nature which allows students to come and goes as they please. These activities are typically ran during lunch time and after college but we can also cater for activities around individual’s timetables.

All sessions are free of charge and here to help improve your college experience. Many programmes are linked into National Governing Body schemes, and numerous are student led, creating a welcoming and friendly environment.

Recreational activities are organised by Ian Hewitt our College Sports Maker and Jessica Russon our Female Fitness Activator. All session and programmes are open to all students in college, many being mixed gender and ability to incorporate all, and we also run female only sessions with Jess to eliminate some of the barriers our female students highlight, to increase female participation in numerous activities, again all FREE of charge!

Example of some sessions:

  • Football/futsal
  • Badminton
  • Touch Rugby
  • Head tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Girls only gym
  • Netball
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Parkour
  • Tennis
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Canoeing
  • Horse riding
  • Insanity
  • Handball
  • Body tone
  • Table tennis
  • Tabata sessions
  • Circuit sessions
  • Dodgeball
  • Lacrosse
  • Trampolining
  • Self defence
  • Golf