Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Parent Portal

View your son or daughter’s progress, attendance, timetable and more from within Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

Hartlepool Sixth Form College uses an online system called ProMonitor to help us support all our students throughout their programmes of study. Parents and carers of our learners also have the opportunity to use this system too, through Parent Portal.

With Parent Portal you can log in and see your son or daughter’s progression whilst at College, check their record of attendance and punctuality, view their timetable of lessons and also view the marks or grades they’ve been given for their assignments.

How to access Parent Portal

Click here to access Parent Portal now!

You will need a username and password to get into Parent Portal; these will be provided for you by the College. Your username and password will be emailed to you shortly after the start of your son or daughter’s course of study. You will only be able to view the information for your own son, daughter or student in your care.

You’re welcome to log in as often as you wish so why not give it a try?!