Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Student Support

Sixth Form Colleges offer a unique opportunity for young people to develop from pupils into students, and at Hartlepool Sixth Form College we pride ourselves on our support and guidance programme which promotes this successful transition.

Personal Tutors

Each student is assigned to a tutor group with a Personal Tutor. The Personal Tutor is often the first member of staff whom students approach for advice or guidance. It is the Personal Tutor who co-ordinates overall progress considering each subject within their study programme and draft references for students.

Personal tutors monitor students’ wellbeing and development during their time at college. Students are expected to meet their tutor weekly for group tutorials. Group tutorials are designed to help students achieve academic success, address personal, social, health and safety issues and encourage their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. In addition a large part of the tutorial programme is devoted to Careers and Higher Education information advice and guidance. Students will also meet their tutor regularly for one to one meetings to discuss their academic progress and achievement towards their personal goals and career aims.

There is also a student achievement team who are available for students to drop in and see if they need help and support.

For more information please contact Linda Brown, Senior Achievement Tutor online or via telephone, on 01429 294444.

Honours Programme

What is The Honours Programme?

The Honours Programme offers students a distinctive set of opportunities to promote academic excellence and enhance personal development. We aim to give you the competitive edge you need when applying for the highest quality courses at the most prestigious universities in the country.

Who is it for?

HSFC Honours Programme is directed at students that have 5 or more GCSEs at grade A/A*. The programme will appeal to students who have an interest in exploring the option of attending Russell Group Universities.

How to Apply

Application forms will be available for you to complete during enrolment. To find out more about the HSFC Honours Programme please download our information leaflet.

For more information please contact Rebecca Henderson, Raising Aspirations Coordinator online or via telephone, on 01429 294444.


Being a student at Hartlepool Sixth Form College means a commitment to all parts of the College programme. This means 100% attendance at all lessons, tutorials and enrichment activities as timetabled and meeting the requirements of teachers and tutors in respect of work schedules, homework and coursework. Excellent attendance is linked to academic success and therefore there is strong focus on attendance and this is rigorously monitored by teachers and tutors.

If students know in advance of a planned absence, for example for university interviews or open days, they should inform Reception and their tutors in advance. If students are ill or have good reason not to attend College they or a parent are expected to inform the College by calling Reception (01429 294444).

Communication with Parents and Carers

We view education as a partnership between students, parents and the College. Parents will be contacted at times throughout the academic year, if there is thought to be a cause for concern. Likewise we would encourage parents to make contact with us whenever the need arises.

We will telephone and share information about attendance, grades, and concerns generally unless we have information or a feeling that to do so would not be in the best interests of the student. There is a Student Information System where parents can view this information online.