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What’s it all about?

Sport and fitness is a huge industry and you can be part of it. If you’re keen on sport, you can make a living from your passion.

Whether that’s working as a personal trainer at the local gym, or training to be a physiotherapist, there are lots of opportunities. From professional sport through to amateur teams and individuals who just want to get in shape, sport and fitness is a fast-growing business.

You will need 5 GCSEs at grade 4-9, including English, Maths and Sport/PE or Science.

Study level Cost
16-18 FREE

We're in a unique and privileged position to be able to deliver this course with three specialist subject teachers who all focus on their own area of the course.

Throughout the year you'll be given topic tests that link in with the teaching that you are completing at the time. Those assessments allow our staff to put the correct support in place for you for that time. You will also be assessed practically alongside completing an analysis and evaluation of your performance.

Your final assessments are two external exams, which are combined with your coursework and practical footage to determine your final grade.

English and Maths are used consistently throughout the course, as the different modules offer the skills to those areas.We can help support you to improve your English and Maths skills as part of your studies.

Placements are available to fulfilyour required work experience hours. You can arrange a placement in an areas you're interested in, or you can use our pre-existing industry links to arrange a placement.

We have links within teaching, personal training and coaching on site, as well as external links with people who work within sports nutrition, psychology and sports performance at the elite level.

Our A Level Physical Education (PE) course studies the demands placed on a sports performer from a physiological, psychological and sociological point of view.

The topics you will cover are:
- Applied anatomy and physiology
- Exercise physiology
- Biomechanical movements
- Skills acquisition
- Sport psychology
- Sport and society
- The role of technology in physical activity and sport

The course offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and performance in your own sport. The coursework involves you analysing your own sports performance, as well as being assessed in your performance.

This course can be combined with other subjects. Previously students who have studied A Level PE have also studied subjects such as Biology, Psychology, Maths and Sociology, as some content can transfer across the subject.

You will study three distinct topic areas. The first area includes anatomy and physiology, where you will learn how the different body systems respond during exercise and the adaptations that can occur.

Secondly, you will study how we learn and acquire sports skills and different psychological effects on performance including arousal, aggression and group dynamics.

Finally, you will study sport and society, which includes the development of sport through the ages and the impact of media and technology on modern day sport.

What’s next?

A-Level Physical Education (PE) is a good pre-requisite to study sport at university level, for example a sport studies or sports science course, with the option of specialising in areas like sports psychology, depending on individual preference.

It is also a useful course if you are hoping to pursue a career in coaching or training. Some universities offering sports physiotherapy degrees may accept physical education as a science subject.

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Why sixth form is different to school

A fresh start

Sometimes you just need a clean break to become the person you were destined to be. Starting college is the perfect opportunity to break free and become that new person!

New people

Our diverse student community means that you will meet lots of new people of different ages, backgrounds and interests, so you can enjoy making lifelong friendships!

Specialist Staff

Most of our lecturers are industry savvy and are experts in teaching 16-18 year olds. They have lots of valuable experience and knowledge to pass onto you.


College is a more mature and relaxed environment than school and you are treated like an adult. You’ll be on first name terms with your lecturers so no more Sir and Miss! You can also start to make your own decisions.

Free time

Your timetable will be very different to school. You will have a lot more free time to take part in extra-curricular activities, study, or get extra money and work experience with a part-time job.

Different environment

College is a very different learning environment to school. You may even become more inspired and have a new motivation to work towards your future goal in a college environment.

More choice

A college can offer a much wider choice of A-Level subjects, plus vocational courses in lots of different subjects and at different levels.

More opportunities

You will have the opportunity to take part in lots of different activities outside of the classroom to boost your confidence and help you develop your skills and personal qualities.

Specialist facilities

A college can invest in an extensive range of industry-standard facilities to give you the skills and knowledge to prepare for university or employment, and can also offer subjects that need specialist facilities.

97.2% of our students progress to a positive destination

(*Destination data for Hartlepool Sixth Form students aged 16-18, academic year 2017/18).

Why choose Hartlepool Sixth Form?

We are the College of the Year.

(*Top college nationally for BTECs, Pearson 2019)

100% pass rate in 20 A-Level subjects including Computer Science, Economics, History and Maths. 

*Summer 2019

99.1% overall A-Level pass rate

*Summer 2019

We have recently invested in a brand new state-of-the-art digital suite and health simulation ward.