Kathryn has lots of experience working in education and is inspired by seeing people achieve.

Recruitment of new students through effective engagement with local schools.

Raises awareness of Hartlepool Sixth Form and what we can offer to school leavers to help them take their next step.

I’ve worked in colleges as a lecturer and then in management for over 20 years. This role gives me the opportunity to continue to support young people.

It is hugely important for young people to continue to develop their skills after leaving school. Whether that is through full-time education, training or work based learning. There are so many opportunities available, every young person should be able to find something that interests them.

Working with young people.

I was an IT technician at Northumbria University.

Why on earth did you choose to teach maths?

Choose something you enjoy as you will perform better and stay motivated.

Patience and a positive outlook. A smile costs nothing but can change someone’s day!

Positive, motivated and busy.

Seeing others achieve – whether that’s my family, my students, my colleagues or my friends.

Visit places I’ve never visited before.

I planned to move to Australia in 2000 but plans changed when I found out I was expecting my daughter. I will go to Australia again soon with both of my daughters, I hope!

Career and life highlights

  • 1994

    Graduated from university and worked as a Technician

  • 1999

    Worked as a trainer in IT supporting apprentices

    Achieved Certificate of Education to become a qualified teacher

  • 2001

    Had first child

  • 2003

    Appointed as Lead Lecturer at Newcastle College

  • 2004

    Achieved Maths Specialism Qualification and switched from teaching IT to teaching maths

  • 2007

    Got married

    Promoted to Maths and English Senior Manager

  • 2009

    Had second child

  • 2014

    Started a new job at Derwentside College as Curriculum Manager

  • 2016

    Set up own business to tutor maths and English

  • 2018

    Left Derwentside College to focus on business

  • 2019

    Joined Sunderland College part-time