Get to know Mark, your Careers Guidance Officer!

Over my career I have been continuously updating my qualifications over 25 years to reflect the IAG standards, nationally recognised within the sector.

I possess over 25 years’ experience, knowledge and have been qualified in the IAG Sector in a range of Career Guidance Professions which have been in the Private Sector, Community and Voluntary and now the Educational Sector – this has provided me with a very diverse Career Guidance background.

In my role I work closely with our Engineering, Construction and Business and Commercial Faculties which are based at our sister college in Sunderland, however, I also work within Hartlepool Sixth Form to keep up-skilled in our diverse and varied campus sites.

Helping people aspire and achieve their potential is great to look back on!

The best careers advice given in my opinion would be ‘Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it’.