Meet Rosa, your Raising Aspirations Advisor!

I have over twenty years experience in education, from  working in secondary schools as Gifted & Talented Coordinator, teaching English at secondary level, teaching media at secondary and post 16 to a senior book seller.

I have a degree in English Studies, Diploma in English Studies, Post 16 PGCE.

Having worked part time I eventually trained as a Silver Service Waitress and worked for a Michelin star restaurant putting on a private function for the owner of Nissan, as a thank you he gave me a magnum of champagne and a letter of recommendation!

My Raising Aspiration role is varied and very rewarding, my main aim is to raise student’s aspirations goals, supporting them on their career pathway with academic support such as critical thinking, debating, inviting guest speakers from universities such as Oxford, Durham and Newcastle.

Having two boys and making sure they received the best education that was on offer to them, made me realise how much I love education and how it can be the key to options thought impossible.

The light bulb moment, when students are having issues with educational topics and when they get that moment of understanding – priceless!

My love of education in all forms and been able to support young people in gaining their potential.

Education is the key to choices, without it your choices are limited and therefore your freedom.

I hope my job makes a positive impact with students as sometimes they can become lost in the maze of option of Higher Education / career routes and how to get there.

My first ever job was working in a factory making clothes for Marks & Spencers!

Pam Baxter at College, who gave me the confidence to believe in my own skills.

There are always options if you look hard enough.

Enthusiastic, passionate & optimistic.

Take your time to choose, time to grow as a person.

Silversmith and walking off grid.